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Jabra Motion UC

Jabra is a high standard and completely dependable headset brand. The company has been producing quality wired and wireless hearing devices for a long time. The Jabra Motion UC is one of the best products produced by the brand. In an overall manner, it offers exceptional features to the users. In an overall manner, it has been designed to entertain the demanding business communication needs of today.

Jabra Motion UC - Go Headsets

Here are some of the many benefits that the Jabra Motion UC offers to its customers.

A Light Weighted Wireless Headset with the Best Grip

Users of Jabra Motion UC never have to be conscious about whether they have the headset on their ear or it has fallen off while moving. The Jabra Motion UC is exceptional in terms of grip. Once you have worn it, it would stay on your ear whether you are sitting in one place, climbing the stairs or performing any other physical activity. You can be completely sure that the headset would not fall off when you are moving at a fast pace.

Some wireless headsets are heavy and cannot be worn for the whole day. However, the Jabra Motion UC is surely not one of them. It is a light weighted device that can be worn by the user for the whole day. For instance, if you are a business professional who entertains numerous work related calls every day, the Jabra Motion UC is surely one of the most suitable hearing devices for you.

A Wireless Hearing Device with Perfect Noise Cancellation

It is a challenge to handle calls at work when the environment around you is not peaceful. However, the environment around you would not affect your calls in any manner if you are using the Jabra Motion UC. Since this is a wireless hearing device, you would be using it to take calls while driving, walking on a busy street and performing countless other activities. However, the environment around you may not be as quiet and peaceful at all times. If you are a Jabra Motion UC user, the environment would not have any effect on you. This is what makes the Jabra Motion UC a highly preferred hearing device for business professionals.

Jabra Motion UC is Equipped with Smart Sensor Technology

This hearing device has been designed for business professionals with rigorous routines. As a user, you do not have to search for controls when there is an incoming call. Instead, you would be able to receive calls as soon as the Jabra Motion UC is placed on the ear. When there is an incoming call, you do not need to locate the call answer button. As soon as you wear the device and there is an incoming call, you would be able to talk to the person at the other end without the use of any controls.

The smart sensor technology makes it extremely easy to take calls when you are driving or walking through a busy street. In such situations, finding buttons becomes quite hard. With the Jabra Motion UC, taking calls is quite easy at all times wherever you are.

Once you take the Jabra Motion UC off, the smart sensors are deactivated and the device goes into standby mode.

A Wireless Range That Makes Conversation Easy

A wireless headset with a good range can make communication very easy for you. The motion UC comes with a wireless range of 300 ft. This simply means that you can carry an ongoing call while moving from your workstation to the next room or even to the next floor.

While being at work, it is not necessary that you would always be present at your desk. You may have to move to another area for attending conferences or team meetings. If you are using a wireless headset with a limited range, you would be unable to attend your calls properly. This is one of the prime reasons why the Motion UC has been a success for working professionals. They have to attend to a lot of work related calls every day so having a dependable wireless headset is mandatory. The Motion UC surely fulfills all the needs of business professionals.

Customer Assistance and Product Warranty

If you are buying a product that does not have a warranty, you are putting your money to waste. With Jabra, this is a problem that customers do not have to go through as all products have a company warranty. Along with that Jabra has a commendable product standard so customers usually do not have any complaints.

How would feel if you have purchased a product and you are not getting assistance for one of its queries ?. This is a problem in which customers go through if the production company does not have a proper support department. Jabra is very particular when it comes to offering customer support. The company ensures that customer concerns are always entertained properly and that too without delays. The customer support team of Jabra is experienced and provides round the clock support. Hence, if you have a query and you want it to be answered, you can get in touch via email or live chat at any time.

State of the Art Voice Quality and Sound Standard

The basic purpose of a headset is communication. You can even hear and talk by using an ordinary headset but the quality level is very low. If you are using the Jabra Motion UC, you can expect the best quality of sound.

The sound quality of this headset is simply amazing. Even when you are present in a noisy environment, the voice quality does not get affected. For work related communication, this is one of the best headsets which you can get your hands on. When you are talking to someone, you would be able to hear that person with 100% clarity. On the other hand, most other headsets do not offer the same quality level. Users face clarity problems when they are using these headsets. Users of the Motion UC do not have to search for any other alternative.


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