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Viking Electronics ACA-1A Automated Call Attendant

Viking Electronics is an experienced company dealing in a variety of communication devices including automatic call attendants. Considering the busy schedules that companies have these days, automatic call attendants prove to very helpful. These attendants help in entertaining calls during lunch hours when a human resource is not there to do the answering. The ACA-1A is one of the finest automatic all attendants available. It works well for handling calls during lunch breaks when a human attendant is not available. It is used in top rated corporate organizations.


Reduction of staff size

With the Viking Electronics ACA-1A automated call attendant, companies are able to reduce staff size that is hired to entertain calls. This eventually results in the overall cost reduction. This automated call attendant by Viking Electronics has much better features than the other options available.

  • When someone makes a call to you and you are not available to entertain the call, the caller should be given proper guidance through messages. For instance, if your extension is busy, a proper message should be delivered indicating that you would get back to the caller. The Viking Electronics ACA-1A is one of the few automated call attendants that deliver use a different tone for delivering each message type. In this way, someone calling you would be guided properly if you are not available to answer the call.
  • Even if you have the best human resource on board with you for entertaining calls, he would not be there to communicate round the clock. Like any other employee, he would take breaks. It is obvious that important calls can be missed during breaks. However, this does not happen if you are using the ACA-1A call attendant. With the help of this attendant, none of your calls would be missed. In other words, the user can be sure that none of his important calls would go unattended.

Storage for speed dial numbers

Speed dial numbers are stored so that the user can get back to frequently dialed numbers in a quick manner. With the ACA-1A, the user can store up to a maximum of 9 speed dial numbers. For busy corporate professionals, this is a very helpful option as they do not have to browse through the entire contact list when they have to dial a number. With the speed dial option, users can back to the frequently dialed contacts by pressing a single button.

Get your calls handled properly during busy working hours

In corporate companies, the call volumes increase during busy hours. Even telephone operators fail to handle all calls during exhaustive hours. With the Viking Electronics ACA-1A call attendant, this task becomes very easy. Working employees can perform other tasks instead of continuously holding on to the receiver and entertaining calls. This automatic attendant reduces the work load and calls are managed in a better manner.

  • Some calls cannot be missed in any condition. With an automatic call attendant, the risk of missing a call is eliminated completely.

Get professional calls entertained in the correct manner

The number of calls received every day at a corporate company office is quite high. However, each work related call has to be entertained in the correct manner. Having the ACA-1A call attendant is the best option in this relation. This attendant has a proper menu based system. When the user makes a call, options are elaborated to him at every stage. For instance, if he dials an extension that is busy, this automatic call attendant would guide him about the alternate extensions and calling options.

Why is the Viking Electronics ACA-1A more preferable?

At times, users get completely confused when they have to go through automated call attendants. In most cases, the menu is not clear. However, this problem does not exist with the ACA-1A automatic attendant.

  • This attendant has clear instructions for each and every option. For instance, in the main menu, you would be provided with the instructions of message recording. This Viking call attendant does not require the user to go through unnecessary options.
  • The process of getting the announcements recorded is not complicated in any manner. Users can get announcements recorded by using a simple tape. It is important that a professional call is entertained properly by using the correct tone. The ACA-1A uses an appropriate tone to greet each caller.
  • If you are using this Viking call attendant, you can be sure that none of your important calls would be missed. This is simply because unlike normal human call attendants, this automated call attendant does not work for a limited number of hours only.  At any hour of the day, if you someone calls at your number, he would be able to get his call recorded without worrying about any time limitations. For corporate purposes, the ACA-1A is a highly suitable automatic call attendant.



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